South Florida X-Ray Imaging is a distributor of Summit Industries (InnoVet) providing a wide range of solutions to meet the Veterinary Imaging needs of our customers. Information on a subset of our Veterinary Imaging Equipment product line is listed below.

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InnoVet Classic/Select Film Based X-Ray System

  • The InnoVet Classic is ideal for the budget-minded and/or floor space restricted facility
  • The classic features a full-size table top, a tilt-out control, and a 300 mA / 125 kVp generator
  • The industry’s smallest floor space requirement of 28” x 53”
  • The InnoVet Select is a special version of the Classic, which allows for customization by the end user. By selecting from over 15 options, you may tailor the system to meet your specific needs and at the same time avoid paying for unwanted features
  • Some of the Innovet Select options include: 300 mA high frequency generator that is 30% more powerful than standard frequency, an upgrade of the 300 mA high frequency generator to an even more powerful 500 mA, a 2-way or 4-way float top table, the "no-hands" collimator system and an anatomically programmed console.
InnoVet DXR Digital System

InnoVet DXR Digital System

  • The DXR meets the challenges of increased exam volumes, tight operating budgets and staffing shortages - all without the use of film, cassettes or imaging plates
  • Ultra fast image acquisition allows you to examine up to 3 times more patients each day boosting efficiency
  • The 17 in. by 17 in. image area is the largest in the industry and provides for easy positioning for any size patient
  • High efficiency receptor ensures you do not need to use excessive dose to obtain a quality image
  • 2 year warranty on the digital receptor
  • Angulation of the x-ray tube (up to 35 degrees) for exams that require oblique angles
  • By selecting from over 15 options, you may tailor the system to meet your specific radiographic needs at the same time avoid paying for unwanted features
InnoVet DXR Digital System

InnoVet DXR-2S Film Based (Upgrade Ready) X-Ray System

  • Not ready to go digital yet, but want the flexibility to easily go digital in the future? The InnoVet DXR2S is for you!
  • The DXR-2S is an InnoVet DXR system without the digital imaging components, and configured for use with x-ray film
  • When you are ready, add only the digital components at a special price for InnoVet owners
  • The DXR-2S Upgrade Module provides the components needed to field upgrade an InnoVet DXR-2S film-based system to a complete, digital InnoVet DXR
InnoVet DVM9 Digital Upgrade

InnoVet DVM9 Digital Upgrade

  • The DVM Upgrade represents a cost effective direct digital option for veterinarians tired of the cumbersome development routine of film and cassette based systems
  • All new InnoVet systems are now designed to accept the DVM. Whether your new system is an InnoVet Classic, Select or Specialist, the DVM can be quickly integrated into the system at the factory, providing you with a quality DICOM compliant digital imaging system
  • Older InnoVet systems were not designed to accept the DVM system or other digital receptors. However authorized InnoVet dealers have been trained to modify your existing InnoVet and install the new factory parts necessary to incorporate the DVM system while maintaining the systems original factory warranty and UL listing status