South Florida X-Ray Imaging is a distributor of Summit Industries (Amrad) providing a wide range of solutions to meet the Medical Imaging needs of clinics, orthopedics, family medicine and out patient centers customers. We carry standard 300 ma generators and high frequency generators. All new purchases include a 5 year parts warranty provided by the manufacturer. Information on a subset of our Medical Imaging Equipment product line is listed below.

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Amrad Classic ST Stationary Table System

  • Ideal for busy clinics supporting general/family medical imaging
  • Supports patients up to 300 pounds
  • Designed with tubestand and wall stand accommodating knee and ankle procedures

Amrad Classic CS Chest Stand System

  • For the unique, high-volume demands of the cardiovascular or internal medicine practice, the CS system allows fast and accurate chest imaging
  • Traditional floor-to-wall design distinguishes itself with its ease-of-use, quality and reliability
  • Sturdy construction of the tubestand and wall stand provides years of reliable service

AMRAD's AC400 FT System

  • The extensive travel of the tubestand accommodates a wide selection of radiographic procedures including table top, off-table, weight-bearing, and cross-table imaging
  • The float top table provides effortless patient positioning
  • The table features a completely flat working surface for table-top procedures with no image distortion
  • The smooth, quiet lift mechanism of the optional elevating table feature permits smooth transfer of stretcher, wheelchair, casted or geriatric patients

AMRAD's AA3 FMT System

  • Specifically designed to meet the demands of orthopaedic x-ray procedures
  • The floor-mounted, transverse/rotational tubestand with tube trunnion capability has been designed for long-term durability under heavy patient volume conditions
  • The unique design of the table pedestal minimizes seams and openings to facilitate cleanliness
  • The Power Lift Plus option accommodates extreme patient sizes with a 650 lb. patient rating - one of the industry's highest
  • The conventional wall stand provides vertical travel reaching the floor for weight bearing procedures and traveling upward for cervical spine procedures on the tallest of patients

Amrad Chest DXR - Digital Solution

  • The Amrad Chest DXR provides the capability to produce 3 times the X-Ray throughput of Film or CR solutions.
  • DICOM-compatible, easy to use software available
  • The industries largest image area - 17" x 17"
  • Comes with a choice of high frequency generators to meet the radiographic demands of any clinical practice.
  • The DXR Tubestand allows for a wide range of exams including standing knee and ankle procedures.
  • The acquired digital image appears immediately on the system's display allowing for immediate positioning verification. The images are immediately ready to send to a diagnostic workstation (including remote locations), printer or PACS system.

Amrad Advantage - High Frequency Generators

  • Amrad Advantage high frequency generators provide the flexibility of either manual technique settings or a pre-programmed anatomical technique setting system
  • The advanced 100kHz high frequency technology of Amrad Advantage generators assures minimal patient exposure over a wide range of radiographic exams.
  • The optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) provides optimal imaging. With this economical option, you simply select the appropriate kVp for the desired view and press the exposure button. AEC automatically makes corrections for anatomical region, patient thickness and density. It then terminates the exposure at the precise mAs required for consistent film density. Retakes are virtually eliminated
  • 37.5, 50, 65 and 80kW power ratings. 125kVp or 150 kVp